Levigated China Clay Grade A – White

Kaolin or china clay is a natural mineral found in partly decompose-sled granite, an igneous feldsparic rock. Chemically, kaolin is a hydrated aluminum silicate containing Al2O3.2SiO2.2H2O.

Kaolin was first discovered in the mountainous province of Kiangsi, China in A.D. 500. The word “kaolin” derives from the Chinese character ‘kao lin’ which means high ridge. It was first used by the Chinese to make high quality porcelain.

We feel proud to acquaint ourselves as one of the prominent china clay manufacturers and exporters from India. We have achieved a paramount success in the supplying of white china clay, pure china clay etc. in a very short span of time. We also deal in raw white china clay (kaolin) & process white china clay material. All our products are manufactured from the natural raw material so as to ensure the reliability of the product.

At Satish Minerals, processed or refined kaolin is available in white powder form, granule cum powder form, and in lumps form.




Residue on 240# 0.64%
Water of Plasticity 36.00%
CLAY P H 8.7
CLAY T.D.S 150
Drying Shrinkage at W.P 0.28%
Firing Shrinkage at 1200°c 4.07% 10minute soaking
Maturity w.a At 1200°c 20.73%
Moisture % N.D.
SiO2 50.49%
Al2O3 34.31%
Fe2O3 0.49%
TiO2 0.70%
CaO trace %
MgO 0.24%
Na2O trace %
K2O trace %
LOI 13.76%
ZrO2 n.d. %
ZnO n.d. %
B2O3 n.d. %
BaO n.d. %
PbO n.d. %
Purity n.d. %
BaCO3 n.d. %
MgCO3 n.d. %
SrCO3 n.d. %